Technology has become an integral part of most business models in companies across all industries worldwide. This means that to develop their cases and refute their opponents’, companies involved in litigation must frequently rely on technological expertise and economic, financial, and statistical expertise. In addition, courts and governing bodies are increasingly considering the relevance of technology-based issues in litigation and regulatory proceedings. We have extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and the businesses that use them, and has applied this knowledge in litigation, regulatory, and industry engagements. We combine technology expertise with deep experience. We use our in-house consultants and affiliated experts’ modeling, analytics, software and hardware, data science, and machine learning expertise. We serve as a “one-stop-shop” for cases where technology must be assessed alongside economic, financial, industry, or statistical concerns.

Technology is at the heart of business transformation, allowing companies to adapt their business and operating models while reacting quickly to risks. The requirements of each organization are distinct. To generate growth, save money, and invest in the future, you’ll need creative insight, business perspective, transformation expertise, and careful evaluation of necessary legal frameworks.

Technology will be crucial to your success and will assist you in addressing critical efforts such as efficiency goals, regulatory demands, external challenges, and growth goals. With TACAS’ digital skills, industry and regulatory experience, financial discipline, and global geographic reach, we can help you transition quickly and achieve your strategic goals while staying within your risk tolerance. ​