Who We Are

TACAS Consulting provides a range of consultancy services in GRC and ITSM areas to its clients globally.

TACAS Consulting’s IT Governance and Risk management advisory assists organizations in assessing their IT Maturity and IT risks and developing a practical IT governance framework covering the information life cycle, which includes business alignment, planning, implementation, operations, monitoring, and review. We also assist in the implementation of standards and performing analysis against various governance frameworks by using our  CONAGILIENCE® and CONIG® frameworks  as a reference.

Any consultancy service provider, big or small, generalist or specialist can only be as good as its consultants. As a matter of principle, TACAS – contrary to most business and IT consultancy companies – is working solely with permanent employees. Our investment into further education and employee retention is highly above average. In the long run, this investment into our employees has always paid off by enabling us to retain and to constantly expand know-how within our company.

We bring together the best individuals for the job at TACAS, organizing our teams to improve client connections. We combine practical project management skills with a dedication to customer care and quantitative analysis. We frequently cooperate across offices because we believe that outstanding ideas benefit our clients regardless of their origins. We encourage and honor team members at all levels who speak up and participate.

We believe that a particularly high degree of transparency, as well as clear communication throughout all project phases, are strengthening the bond of trust with our clients. An extraordinary high level of customer satisfaction is the prerequisite for a long-term customer relationship. Guided by this philosophy, TACAS has been able to continually sustain double digit growth in the last decade.

Together,  we help you create your strategic vision and translate it into actionable steps. We will discover and implement opportunities to reform your business in close collaboration with your teams, whether these be small workstreams in specific functional areas of your organization or significant transformative initiatives.