Introduced by TACAS, CONIG® is a reference framework that consists of components of various models, best-practices, framework and standards. All of the underlying frameworks and best practices are widely accepted in the industry. While they might bring different perspectives and differ in nuances the common goal of all these frameworks and best practices is the assurance of provisioning of IT services, business services, and other enabler services.

CONIG® (Consilient Information Governance) is a governance framework addressing information and related technologies. Its main focus is information. CONIG® is based on models that are widely used for Information Technologies, Corporate Governance as well as Business Governance.

CONIG® aims to find the right balance between internal control approach focusing on control objectives and performance management approach focusing on achievement of value targets for the organization.It aims effective and efficient utilization of service and customer focused resources and capabilities to ensure that the IT organizations’ activities are aligned with business objectives. It ensures that desired quality, security and compliance requirements of produced and offered services are met